img 06/5/07

Etymotic Research Isolator Earphones

Busts external noise, not your wallet

img 03/22/07

Planet Waves Acoustic Guitar Humidifier

Prevents wood warping, preserves sound integrity

img 03/15/07

Griffin Rocket FM

Basic, battery-free home tunecasting

img 01/18/07


Whole house music system

img 01/4/07

The Perfect Thing

What’s next for music

img 12/21/06


Music doodling toy

img 10/8/06

Martin OM-15 Guitar

Maximum acoustic guitar for the money

img 09/16/06

Olympus Digital Voice Recorder

Tiny, superb, tapeless recording

img 03/30/06


Online Sound Effects Library

img 09/8/05

Dulcimer Kit

Home-made instrument