Griffin Rocket FM

Basic, battery-free home tunecasting

This device works with any FM radio to turn your PC or laptop into a small, localized stereo FM radio station. We use it to broadcast music to stereos and radios around our house (it has a range of about 10 meters). Rather than opt for a Squeezebox or another steaming media appliance like the LinkSys WMA11B (which we tried), we found the Rocket FM to be a much simpler, cheaper solution that still has superb sound quality.

It works with PC or Mac and it’s USB-based so it doesn’t need batteries like a lot of the other devices out there. The Belkin TuneCaster and TuneCaster II aren’t too bad – and they are platform independent — but the sound quality is not as good and they do require batteries. The Griffin iTrip is a version specifically for the iPod, but it’s just for the iPod, so it isn’t useful around the house. The Rocket FM really is the best no-frills home tunecasting device I’ve found.

-- Robbie Gibbon 03/15/07

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