Autonomous Motion

img 12/2/06

Chainless Bicycle

A more highly-evolved bike

img 08/22/06

River Ridge Canoe

Ultimate fishing canoe

img 08/10/06


Simple cheap toe clips

img 05/15/06


Bicycle truck

img 02/27/06

Yaktrax Walker

Snow Chains for Shoes

img 02/22/06

Deluxe Tire Repair and Inflation Wallet

Tire Inflation Kits for Bicycles and Motorcycles

img 02/1/06


Underwater Music for Swimmers

img 11/3/05

Sun USX Recumbent Tricycle

Supremely comfortable pedal-wheels

img 10/24/05

Crank Brothers Speed Lever

Best bicycle tire iron

img 06/17/05

Pathfinder Bike Trailer

Assist for kids for long rides

img 06/8/05


Extreme Pogo Stick

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