Autonomous Motion

img 10/22/04


Hard waterproofing

img 10/19/04


Quick folding bike

img 07/19/04

Folding Kayaks

Boats that fit in a closet or trunk

img 04/21/04

Egg Beater Pedals

Supremely elegant and efficient bike pedals

img 03/17/04

Reflective Yield Symbol

Most visible night alert

img 02/10/04


Ski up, snowboard down

img 02/6/04

Squirt Boating and Beyond

Surfing in whitewater

img 01/30/04


Jumping enhancers

img 01/22/04

The Surfer’s Journal

Tips for globe-trotting surfing

img 01/19/04

Epic Kayak Paddles

Ultimate lightweight paddles

img 01/12/04

Nokian Ice Bike Tires

How to ride in the snow