img 05/20/04

GI Can Opener

Minimalist emergency knife

img 05/12/04

Pak-Lite LED

Ultra-lightest camp light

img 05/5/04


Super strong waterproof zip lock bags

img 04/27/04

CamelBak Hydration Systems

Constant access to water

img 04/6/04


Ultra efficient stove system

img 03/17/04

Air-Cooled Day Packs

No sweat, nice comfort

img 02/5/04

Pepsi Can Stove

Free homemade super lightweight

img 02/3/04

Light Backpacking

World’s most ultralight gear

img 02/2/04

GPS Made Easy

Good introduction

img 12/26/03


Rugged packs for first aid items

img 12/26/03

e-trex Legend

I’ve used my e-trex GPS unit for the past couple of years on many car and local-hiking trips, and a …

img 12/11/03

Beyond Backpacking

Super ultra lightweight camping