Pepsi Can Stove

Free homemade super lightweight

This little stove is amazing; it’s made from pepsi and guinness cans, using things that can be found around most households. It takes about an afternoon to make (plus some time waiting for the epoxy to set), weighs only a few grams, and is sufficient for most backpacking trips. I made my first one a few years ago, and I’ve been handing them out as gifts ever since. The stove is powerful enough to boil a quart of water in a reasonable amount of time, it’s MUCH quieter than other camping stoves, if you lose it you’re not out $80.00, and you can get the fuel for it (denatured alcohol) at most hardware or paint stores. Mine fits nicely inside of the mug I use for cooking and eating, with room to spare. I usually stuff a spare pair of socks in with it to keep it from rattling around.

The site provides detailed instructions and photographs, as well as a message board with feedback and suggestions from other stove builders.

-- Galen Pewtherer 02/5/04

(The URL with Scott Henderson's directions is no longer active and a sleuth online hasn't turned up a new one. For now, we'll refer to the Internet Archive snapshot of the page, but if you know of an updated link or complete reposting, please let us know. Here are similar Pepsi Can Stove directions from another source. -- SL — editors)

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