img 11/9/05

Triumph of the Nerds

How the computer was born

img 09/15/05

Bonzai Expandable Flash Drive

Pocket upgradeable drives

img 08/15/05

What the Dormouse Said

The hippie origins of PCs

img 04/8/05

Hacking Windows XP

Optimizing your Windows OS

img 10/19/04

ReAir Duster

Refillable compressed air

img 09/17/04

InsTand Laptop Stand

More comfortable than a lap

img 07/6/04


Source for generic logins

img 05/12/04

IBM Mini Mouse

Tiny travel mouse

img 05/5/04

Missing Manuals

State of the art guides

img 04/21/04

Sony Clie (as Reader)

Cheap, readable ebook device