Bonzai Expandable Flash Drive

Pocket upgradeable drives

The Bonzai Expandable Flash Drive is a typical USB flash drive, except you can plug in a memory card in the back, meaning that it:

1) is infinitely upgradeable
2) (and here’s the rub) can be used to rapidly copy photos/files from a camera, phone, mp3 player, or other flash device that uses an SD/MMC card, meaning that you don’t have to travel with those pain-in-the-neck cables.
3) it’s cheap: less then $10. Use a card you already have.

I keep one SD card in the Bonzai, and one in my camera. This way I always have a USB drive for my files, a spare card for my camera, and a way to get my photos onto a computer, at all times. I’ve seen a CompactFlash version (made by another company), if SD/MMC doesn’t work for you. Obviously, though, that one was a bit bigger.

The Bonzai is small enough to fit in the coin pocket of my jeans, so I hardly realize it’s there. In fact, it’s gone through the washing machine at least once (with a card in it). I just let it dry it out, and it still worked like a charm. I love mine.

-- Kevin Cooney 09/15/05

(This item has been discontinued. If you're using and can recommend a replacement version, please let us know in the comments below or via the submist page -- SL — editors)

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