img 12/26/07

Knifty Knitter

Knitting templates

img 11/21/07

Loctite Epoxy

Easy to mix, apply bond

img 09/5/07

Kevlar Thread

Tough sewing line

img 08/27/07

Easy Cutter Ultimate

Powerful, portable model part manufacturing

img 07/18/07

Ridgid Oscillating Belt & Spindle Sander

Small, multi-functional sanding station

img 07/3/07

Dovetail Markers

Precise tracer for hand-cut woodworking

img 05/16/07

Incra Precision Rulers

Micro-fine measures & markings

img 04/3/07

Chain Mail Glove

Medieval-style hand protection

img 10/23/06

Animated Knots

Best knot teacher

img 09/20/06

The Art of the Stonemason

Stone building essentials

img 09/18/06

Fence Pliers

Universal farm tool