img 08/10/09

Garrett Wade

Unusual hand tools

img 07/22/09

Husky 8-in-1 Precision Screwdriver

Self-contained, tiny drivers

img 06/10/09


Knit and crochet community

img 05/22/09

Ikea Nail-Driving Utensil

Brilliant free knickknack

img 02/4/09

Blade Runner Drywall Cutter

Simultaneously cuts front and back

img 01/27/09

Pittsburgh Watch Case Opener

Timepiece caseback opener

img 01/5/09

5-in-1 Painter’s Tool

Cheap painter/roofer’s multi-tool

img 12/8/08

SuperSculpey Firm

Stiff polymer clay

img 12/2/08

Bessey VarioClippix Spring Clamp

Adjustable woodworker’s clamp