img 03/24/16

Duro-Med Cast Protector

Waterproof vinyl leg cast protector keeps cast or bandage from getting wet in the shower

img 03/23/16

Pill Box Organizer

Deep compartments hold more medication

img 03/17/16

My Sleep Button

Think your way to sleep

img 02/15/16

Hartmann-Conco EZE-Band Bandage

Medical bandage with self-fastening velcro ends

img 01/28/16

Dermatone skin protector

Protects against chapping, wind, and sun

img 11/23/15

Kreitler Bike Rollers

Ride your bike indoors

img 11/5/15

Mükava Adjustable Reading Table

A place to put offscreen reference material when you’re working standing up

img 10/12/15

NoIR laser goggles

Blocks certain wavelengths of light for better sleep

img 10/6/15

Salux Nylon Wash Cloth/Towel

Light nylon fabric air-dries quickly and completely

img 09/29/15

Feather Double Edge Safety Razor

Replacement blade razor uses cheap standardized blades

img 09/18/15


Easy-to-drink-from cap for wide-mouth drink bottles.

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