PollenTec Clean Air Window Screen


Lets air in, stops pollen

This is actually a two-for-one cool tool. Allergy season came early this year, and if you live in the Bay Area, it tends to pack a double-whammy. Many houses don’t have air-conditioning, and the very days you want to open the windows for some airflow are the days the pollen can be at its worst. This window screen claims to filter 100% of grass pollen, 99% of birch pollen, and 90% of ragweed. In my completely unscientific test of looking at my iPad charging near the window, before installation, it was speckled with pollen, after it was clean. More importantly, my family’s stuffy noses cleared up. It cuts down on the light coming through the window a bit, but not to the point where it significantly darkens the room.

The second part of the cool tool is how I installed it. You can do a full replacement of your window screens if you choose, but I found CMS Magnetics Name Badge Magnets made putting the screens in temporarily a breeze. Each magnet comes with a metal plate with an adhesive that you can use to anchor the magnet. Or, you can do as I did and just place the plate on the outside of the screen and the magnet on the inside. Voila – temporary installation. I like the magnets so much I bought a hundred and have found several other places to use them – cable management, for example. They also help when positioning fabric or paper for gluing – you can anchor something in place, adjust, then permanently attach it. All in all, they are an even better find than the PollenTec screen!

-- Scott Nash 03/28/16