img 02/4/15

WP 34S Scientific Calculator

Open source calculator for RPN fans

img 10/7/14

HUB-ee Wheels

Robotic add-on for Lego

img 09/25/14

uFactory uArm

Robot arm kit for hobbyists

img 08/11/14

Khan Academy

Great free online courses

img 07/18/14

SuperMemo + Anki

Best memorization aid

img 05/15/14

Alphablocks videos

Videos to teach kids how to read

img 04/30/14

HP 35s Scientific Calculator

Best scientific calculator

img 03/28/14


Superior flash card system

img 12/5/13


Best online degree info

img 08/9/13

David Macaulay’s Visualizations

Understanding big buildings

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