WP 34S Scientific Calculator


Open source calculator for RPN fans

This scientific calculator is very cool for two main reasons. First, it is a new open-source project driven by a small team of people who clearly love HP (Hewlett-Packard) scientific calculators. Probably no one at your workplace or school has this.

Second, in my opinion it’s the best option for anyone who ever fell in love with an RPN (reverse polish notation) HP calculator in the latter 20th century (e.g., HP32, HP42). That’s mostly because it is a reprogrammed version of an HP30b, so the key-feel is good and it’s powered by a fast ARM processor.

The latest similar offering from HP is the HP35s, which is too bulky and has known mathematical errors, poor design and quirky behavior. The WP34s solves these problems beautifully. The user manual is very well-written, but I recommend the fantastic WP34s Beginners Guide (also free).

-- Paul Bridges 02/4/15