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Manual of Field Geology

The go-to geology field guide

This book is an essential guide to how field geology should be practiced. It is simple, clear, and written in a style which is accessible to students and amateurs. Jargon is limited to the irreducible and there is no effort to obfuscate. I have been using this all my professional life of more than 30+ years.

Using this manual and a fairly rudimentary set of basic geologic skills, outcrop and contact geologic maps can be produced, complete with cross-sections. There is no better resource for those interested in learning more about field geology.

-- Edward Bryant 05/9/12


Lithologic Patters For Stratigraphic Columns and Cross Sections.jpg
Appendix 8. Lithologic Patterns for Stratigraphic Columns and Cross Sections

Geology in the Field appendix 8.jpg
Appendix 3. Percentage Diagrams For Estimating Composition By Volume (p. 366)

(For those interested in a narrative take on American geology, look no further than John McPhee's epic and accessible Annals of the Former World. A worthy read!--OH — editors)

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