Tool Chest

img 01/23/13

Nail Puller

Effortlessly removes nails

img 12/11/12

Wire Wrapper Tool

Non-soldering connections

img 10/15/12

Weller Pyropen

Cordless Soldering

img 07/11/12

Grip-On Locking Pliers Clamp

A clamp for locking pliers

img 03/30/12

Pittsburgh Pro Composite Ratchets

Lightweight ratchets that rock


Wiha Quality Tools

Manufacturers sometimes deliberately make it difficult to open their products. A common method is to use odd-shaped specialty screws. Without …

img 02/24/12

Gorilla Gripper

Carry drywall with ease

img 07/13/10

Coin-sized Pocket Screwdrivers

I know, I know, the world is awash in screwdrivers of all different sizes. But that’s the point, this ONE …