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Nail Puller


Effortlessly removes nails

For the longest time I didn’t know the name of this tool. I was working in a cleanup crew on a theater project and found this in the tool box. No one there knew what it was, but since all the plyers and hammers were already in use I figured I could use it to pull nails and staples out of the floor.

It worked so well, that I cleared more floor space than 8 other people combined in the same amount of time.

The length of the handle give you leaverage and the design is such that the mouth bites harder the harder you lever the nail. The first nail I pulled came out so smoothly, I thought the tool had slipped off the nail. And the slide handle allows you to set the jaws down around a nail even if its flush to the surface.

It also has a narrow profile that allows it to get close to the edge of things. If you are pulling a lot of nails or staples, get one of these (or one of the competitors). They are wonderful. —

-- Robert Platter 01/23/13


(We first reviewed these leveraged nail pullers back in 2006, and there are several different companies that manufacture them including HIT Tools which is the model featured above that is, unfortunately, not available online.--OH — editors)

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