img 02/3/15

Schrade Key Chain Pry Tool

A half-ounce multitool

img 12/22/14

Last day to get Cool Tools Catalog for Christmas

The best gift ever for everyone you know


Cool Tools 2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for $10 or less

In the weeks leading up to the holidays, we’ll be presenting a series of gift suggestions selected from the pages …

img 11/24/14

Co-founder of Quantified Self, Gary Wolf

Cool Tools Show #15 – Gary Wolf

img 10/20/14

Bitybean Child Carrier

Ultracompact baby carrier

img 09/29/14

Handy Paint Pail

Easy-to-hold paint container

img 09/17/14

Vix Bit

Self-centering hinge drilling bit

img 07/30/14

Ubiquiti NanoStation and Picostation

Wireless Internet powered with Ethernet cable

img 07/29/14

Boarding Area

Maximum free miles

img 07/28/14

Panda Ultra Wifi 150Mbps Wireless N 2.4Ghz Adapter

Adapter shares wifi signal with other devices


What’s in My Bag? – Christopher Michel

Good things to have for long plane rides

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