img 11/1/17

Breacher Bar

Tool for prying, cutting and pounding

img 10/3/17

ProMist Microfiber Spray Mop

Refillable bottle allows you to choose your own cleaning solution

img 05/24/17

Elements of Typographic Style

A guiding philosophy of type

img 04/26/17

Olight i3E flashlight

Best AAA keychain light

img 04/14/17

Aqua Doodle Mat

Large reusable drawing pad uses water for “ink”

img 12/17/16

Cool Tools Book

Best guide to DIY possibilites

img 11/5/16

Ask Cool Tools Featured Questions

Share your knowledge with your fellow Cool Tools readers

img 08/12/16


Plug gopher tunnels with expandable sludge

img 06/17/16

Picardie 12 oz Clear Tumbler

The original French tumbler, made by the company that invented tempered glass

img 05/13/16

Non-Slip Silicone Grid Pot Holder

Great for soldering projects

img 05/11/16

Cycling arm warmers

Keep your arms warm with thermal fleece fabric sleeves

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