img 06/19/18

5 Resistor Kits compared

Round up of inexpensive resistor kits

img 06/16/18

Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery

cheap, durable, rechargeable power source

img 06/12/18

Digital Servo Tester Controller with Voltage Display

Cheap board gives you a quick way to play around with servos

img 06/10/18

Paper Airplane Machine [Maker Update]

The best maker projects and tips of the week

img 06/5/18

Pedro’s Tire Levers

Must-have cycling tool

img 06/2/18

Slick Stix Crayons

Better than classic crayons

img 05/29/18

Pocket Microscope

Dirt cheap microscope with UV light and LED

img 05/19/18

Lodge Pan Scraper

Food and stickers scraper

img 05/15/18

IoT Relay

High-power relay for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, PIC, or Wifi

img 05/12/18

Adjustable Circuit Board Holder

Secures circuit board for soldering

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