Chain mail dish scrubber


Superior to steel wool

In our household, I’m the one responsible for washing the pots and pans, so I’ve come to really appreciate scrubbing tools that can scrape away hardened, baked-on residue. The best tool I’ve ever encountered for this purpose is a stainless steel, chainmail scrubber. The individual steel rings are about the same size they would be on a suit of chainmail armor, and are linked together in the same pattern as the one used by medieval armorers, producing a highly flexible weave that can scrub into corners and along edges with as much ease as steel wool. But in every other respect, chainmail is superior to steel wool: no rust, no sharp points to jab your fingers, and all the food particles you scrape off your pots rinse away easily, rather than getting tangles in the fibers as they do with steel wool.

I should state the obvious: these are only suitable for scraping residue from very hard surfaces, like cast iron and ceramic. They will ruin any surface that would be damaged by steel wool.

-- Scott Reid 03/23/22

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