Chinook Medical Gear

Professional emergency gear

A fantastically well-stocked source of the smartest medical supplies around. Highly versatile, highly effective (and portable) self-care gear. The audience is expedition doctors and search and rescue teams, but 90% of these state-of-the-art supplies would serve home and homestead as well. The catalog is a real education and wonderfully broad — for instance, they rightly see keeping insects at bay as a health issue. They sell the full line of Adventure Medicine Kits, as well as empty kit containers and the basic items, books, and non-prescripts to assemble your own medical tool box. Among suppliers of emergency medical gear, Chinook stands out for honoring the intelligence and independence of their customers, as you might expect from a company serving the health concerns of strong-willed lunatics heading off the map for three months.

-- KK 12/16/03


Israeli Bandage. Phenomenal new product that works as several different devices -- primary dressing, pressure applicator, secondary dressing and tourniquet. Sterile, non-adherent and easy to use, this bandage is designed to treat every possible bleeding wound in the most extreme conditions. An injured person can even apply it with one hand!
#05130 Israeli 4 $7

Sawyer Controlled Release DEET Formula
Sawyer Controlled Release insect repellent lotion uses a newly patented technology called Sub-Micron Encapsulation. It works with your own skin's natural chemistry so you can reduce DEET exposure and have 24-hour insect protection. It is also non-greasy, virtually odorless and water and sweat-resistant. In areas infested with flies, or for use with clothing and hair, supplement with Broad Spectrum Composite Repellent. 4oz.
#03107 $7

Ultrathon. Originally developed for the U.S. military for use in challenging environments requiring long-lasting protection, Ultrathon soon became highly recommended by the travel medicine community. 99% effective for more than 8 hours against mosquitoes, 92% effective against ticks and also works against biting flies, gnats, chiggers, and fleas. Cream contains 33% DEET, lasts up to 12 hours. 2oz.
#03108 $7

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