Super Flexible Chopping Sit Up Spatula

Our family loves to cook, and as an engineer, I’m constantly looking for ways to make things faster and easier in the kitchen. I don’t impress easily, but the Chopula has replaced several other spatulas for us. There are other super-flexible spatulas on the market, but this blade is larger and offset to one side so that you can use it as a blade for chopping (hence the name).

While I’ve used this feature, I think it’s misnamed. The big advantage, in my opinion, is that it combines the large flat surface with a slightly raised lip on one side, which makes it possible to scoop a ton of food to flip. While flipping a single fried egg isn’t that big a deal, the geometry is a massive advantage when trying to flip a large item (like an omelet) but in particular, small items like diced potatoes or whole almonds (we buy raw almonds and roast them in small batches for unbelievably fresh flavor).

The geometry of the spatula also makes it great for scraping the pan and getting every last bit of food. There are 2 issues I see. One is that the tip has deformed over time from use, so I suspect the thinness of the plastic makes it more sensitive to heat. The second is that the design really favors righties, so if you’re left-handed, well, you’re out of luck for now.

All in all, the Chopula is a versatile and useful tool for any kitchen. Scoopula or flipula, you decide.

-- Yitah Wu 01/20/23

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