Chrome tips/Favorite coffee maker/Repair holes in shirts


Recomendo: issue no. 95

Chrome tips
Title of this article says it all: 27 useful things you didn’t know the Chrome browser could do. Pretty neat. — KK

My favorite coffee maker
I drink coffee every day, and I use the Bialetti 6-Cup Espresso Coffee Maker($40) more often than any of my other coffee making machines (I have a few). I fill the lower chamber with water, add ground coffee in the funnel, screw on the top, and put it on the stovetop. In about three minutes I pour a cup of strong, delicious coffee. — MF

Fix holes in shirts
This hack for repairing holes in shirts worked! I have a few shirts that fit really well on me, but the cotton is so thin that it easily gets holes. I followed the video using this fusible interface and now the hole is gone. It looks a tiny bit bunched up, but I don’t mind. — CD

Metal prints from Costco
Everyone is now a photographer and our audience is on the small screen. But there’s a real joy in seeing a large image on a wall. The best way to do that is via the Metal Print from Costco Photo. You send a digital file to the online Costco and then you pick up the piece at your local store. Your image is printed in gorgeous quality on a thick piece of aluminum sheet so that it is perfectly 100% flat and glossy – much flatter than can be done by framing. No glass or plastic cover required, which makes this style very light weight even for big pieces. And since it is frameless, hung with an internal French cleat, it is cheap. A huge 24 x 36 inch picture, printed and ready to hang in your room, or gallery, is $120. A large 11 x 14 is only $34. These show pieces really wow; even a decent shot from a new phone will work. — KK

Send yourself a future email
FutureMe is a tried and true free service for sending yourself letters in the future. I use it to remind myself of goals I have or enlightening quotes I want to be reminded of. — CD

Netflix viewing activity
Netflix bases its recommendations on what you watch. If you want to change what its algorithm sees, or if you are just curious to see everything you’ve watched on Netflix, go here. You can delete a show from the list by clicking the X next to it. I was surprised to see that the oldest item on my list was Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension, which someone in my family watched on 12/12/11. — MF

-- Kevin Kelly, Mark Frauenfelder, Claudia Dawson 05/20/18

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