Claudia’s Holiday List/Identify that light in the sky/Double inhaling


Recomendo: issue no. 280

3 things to cultivate meaning
Last year, I made a shopping list of everything that made me happy in 2020. This year I have been trying to be less of a consumer, so I only have three things that I would recommend as gifts for the holidays. Each one helps to cultivate purpose and gratitude in my life, and they are all priced under $20. The three things are Moon List WorkbooksBlessing Cards and Wall Calendars, like this one. For the full list, visit: — CD

How to identify that light in the sky
Here is a “sometimes humorous, but mostly accurate” chart of how to identify that light in the sky. In Sedona, Arizona, I went on a UFO tour where the guides taught us how to identify all the various lights we see in the sky. I wore night vision goggles and saw a lot of non-blinking lights moving fast and veering off straight paths. We had lasers that we used to point them out (never directly at). One even beamed back brightly at us in response. — CD

Inhale twice to calm down
Stanford neuroscientist Andrew Huberman says double inhaling is “the fastest way that I’m aware of — that’s anchored in real known biology to calm oneself down — is an inhale through the nose, and then another inhale at the top.” — MF

Netflix for Apps
Think of Setapp like Netflix for Macintosh applications. For a monthly subscription fee, you get access to 210+ curated apps. I’ve recommended Setapp here before, but they have a few new apps I find myself using every day that I want to mention: Rocket Typist, Paste, and TextSniper. Setapp is usually $10 a month, but here’s a link to get a year for $69. — MF

Streaming rock concert
I have uncool musical tastes. I love pop music; the more poppy the better. My favorite pop rock band is the uncool Coldplay. I also don’t like to go to concerts but I love to watch recorded concerts on a screen, which I find much better than being there. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of Coldplay’s very recent concert and light show in Seattle (Live from Climate Pledge Arena), now streaming on Amazon. It’s a non-stop 90 minutes. If you are a fan, this will fulfill; if you want an introduction, this will do it; if you are a hater, hush.  — KK

Favorite Quotes
Some recent quotes I keep returning to. — KK

  • Things that never happened before happen all the time. — Scott Sagan
  • Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you. — Anne Lamott
  • To get people to build a boat you don’t need to get them to weave canvas, forge nails, or read the sky. You need to give them a shared yearning for the sea. — Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
  • A foreign accent is a sign of bravery. — Amy Chua
  • We don’t travel to move. We travel to be moved. — Pico Iyer
  • Believe those who seek the truth, doubt those who find it.
 — André Gide
  • It requires a very unusual mind to undertake the analysis of the obvious. — Alfred North Whitehead
  • The invention of the ship was also the invention of the shipwreck. — Paul Virilio
  • This present moment used to be the unimaginable future. — Stewart Brand
-- Kevin Kelly, Mark Frauenfelder, Claudia Dawson 11/28/21

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