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Recomendo: issue no. 81

Lab-grown meat
I’m reading Clean Meat, a new book about the emerging field of lab-grown meat. It covers the efforts of about a dozen companies and research centers trying to create animal meat without animals. The book lacks many scientific details, but it gives a comprehensive overview to this embryonic industry in 2017, and some of the possible ramifications of success. It’s the current best one-stop source for a very fast-moving frontier. — KK

US and World debt clocks
This website is a dashboard view of national debt, student loan debt, budget items, tax revenue, jobs, and dozens of other rapidly rising numbers. It also has a page of debt numbers for other countries. It’s alarming to watch the numbers rise before your eyes. What can be done about it? — MF

Estate sale marketplace
I have great childhood memories of going to estate sales with my mother in rich neighborhoods. Everything but the House is estate sale hunting without the effort. It’s like a more refined eBay. I’ve already spent way too much time bookmarking things and imagining the history of each item. — CD

Favorite pencil case
I bought this $8 Japanese pencil case a couple of years ago and my daughters liked it so much I ended up buying one for each of them. Despite its small size you can pack a lot of art supplies in it, thanks to its book-like middle “page” that holds pens and pencils on one side and small items on the other side. — MF

Blockchain clarity
I am unable to consume another article/book/video/rant about Bitcoin. But there’s an exception in the New York Times Sunday Magazine: This longish piece on blockchain, the technology underpinning cryptocurrencies, is worth every second of your attention. In crystal clear language, Steven Johnson explains the potential of blockchain in a way that will enable you to appreciate the over-enthusiasm for this new thing. It’s still uncertain how it will all roll out, but at least you’ll understand why folks are excited. — KK

Science of Happiness
This infograph by Happify is a great reminder to check in with yourself and your current priorities. It lists 5 instant ways to boost happiness, and the one that always works for me is to send a quick note to someone thanking them for something they did. Always puts me in a better mood. — CD

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