Clicking Counter Ring


Use this ring to keep track of of anything between 00 and 99.

This ring houses two rotating “counter” rings, each with digits 0-9. The counter rings are held apart by a spring, and kept in position by the form of the outer housing. As you rotate the counters, they glide smoothly into place with a satisfying “click.” One position in the ring circumference has a contrasting color (the base color of the metal) which can be used to identify a selected two-digit number.

The ring is made of surgical stainless, with PVD coating. They come in multiple colors and sizes, and cost about $25. I’ve had this ring for a few months now, and have had a lot of fun handing it to friends and asking them what they think it is for, and where they think I bought it. So far, no one has guessed right on both counts. In fact, no one has guessed its raison d’être, which is for game-players to keep track of points, particularly in Magic the Gathering.

I figured the cool dragon etched into the inside of the ring might give this gamer-function away, but so far, nope. I actually bought the ring at a knitting shop. The only friend who guessed this was a knitter, to whom its functionality for knitting was obvious: keeping track of the line of a pattern you are working on. I generally don’t use this ring for counting, but I think it could be “handy” as a low-tech analog tracking device…miles walked, ounces of water consumed… It could also work well as a people counter for someone working the door of a small space.

I mostly use it to fidget while on the phone, or during meetings. It is great for that, discreet, and a good alternative to doodling if you like some minor motor activity to accompany your active listening. Or you could count buzzwords, the number of times people use “literally” to mean “figuratively”, hesitation “ums” (a favorite pastime of students in lecture halls), etc. Other versions of this ring are also tempting purchases, including the Futhark Runes Ring (great for the gamer or linguaphile on your list) and the Alignment Ring, in case your friends haven’t already guessed.

-- Laura Welcher 04/7/17