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Coghlan’s 12-in-1 Scissors


Do-it-all tool around camp

I am a long time tent camper who camps on the cheap at primitve camp sites where I haul in my own water and haul out my own waste. I camp with either a 4X4 truck or Subaru Outback. My approach is minimalist, and I look for tools that have multiuse and are hopefully inexpensive. I’ve used the Coghlan’s scissors for many years, and found them to be well worth having.

The Coghlan’s 12-in-1 scissors is a silly looking and cheap ($5) tool that is surprisingly useful. It will cut fairly heavy material, has a bottle opener, screwdriver, and will come apart so you can use it as an awl or hole punch in an emergency. Granted, it is not elegant but it is surprisingly useful. I have two pairs of these in my camp gear, and end up using them for stuff like gripping needles to pull through heavy fabric, and other unexpected uses. They are cheap to buy and a useful addition to any kit.

-- Stephen Young 08/12/19


A multi-purpose stainless steel tool with 12 useful functions: scissor, knife, screwdriver, magnet, can opener, wrench, fish scaler, nut cracker, jar wrench, wire cutter, wire stripper and bottle opener.

(This is a Cool Tools Favorite from 2012 — editors)

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