Cold Drip Coffee Maker


Easy to use slow-drip brewer

Bruer is a home cold brewer that is extremely easy to manage and to clean. It’s got nice high quality glass. It’s not Pyrex so it will definitely shatter if you drop it. It’s got pretty good silicon seals on it and it’s just ridiculously easy to operate. It makes about 24 to 25 ounces of cold brew at a time and it’s now my primary means of drinking coffee.

There a glass pitcher, like a water pitcher, and sitting on top of it is another container full of ice water and then below the ice water and inside the pitcher is another container that has the coffee beans, and then there is some kind of plumbing that is operating some kind of other glass tubes.

You put a stainless mesh screen on the bottom, you fill it with coffee, you put a small paper filter to even the distribution of the drips, you pre-wet it with just a little bit of water, you put a seal in on top of it and you can twist it to control the flow rate of the water dripping and then you fill the top part of the pitcher with 24 or 25 ounces of water, which can be iced. I actually don’t ice it. I don’t think it makes a difference. Once that’s filled you just adjust it with the hand turn mechanism on the seal. You try to get it so it’s about a drip every second. I like to let it drip a little longer so it’s one and a half seconds to two seconds, and then you go away. You do it overnight, you come back in the morning and you’ve got a full pitcher of cold brew coffee.

-- Ryan Block 12/8/17

(This was excerpted from our podcast interview with Ryan. — editors)

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