Collage/Silence/Thickest Sharpie

Recomendo - issue #410

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Explore the world of contemporary collage

Collé is a weekly email that explores the world of contemporary collage. Each issue highlights a new artist, showcasing their work and creative process. I’ve always viewed collage as the most accessible art medium, yet I am consistently astounded, inspired, and humbled by the creations featured in this newsletter. Check out their archive of past issues. — CD 

Moses in full

Moses stars in all three monotheistic faiths believed by “people of the book”: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The Netflix special, Testament: The Story of Moses, is a surprisingly good retelling of his story in full. Half Hollywood biopic, half documentary commentary, it enlivens this mythical character with more depth. Everyone has heard part of his life, but the full story is far more interesting. Setting aside the immense degree that the character of Moses has shaped western civilization, this is a dramatic story well told. – KK

Practice the art of contemplation

I’ve been using the Triple Flame app (free, available on Android)for reminders to take a pause. Every three hours, I receive a reminder to pause whatever I’m doing for at least three minutes. You can choose between a silent pause or a guided one, accompanied by music or reflections. I appreciate being able to see how many other people are pausing at the same time. The contemplative quotes that pop up also encourage me to look inward. — CD 

Search engine for podcasts and videos

Dexa is a new AI-powered search engine that indexes content from prominent podcasts and videos, making it easy to find the information you need. When you search on Dexa, it provides a text summary of the relevant information and allows you to listen to or watch the specific portions of the media containing the information you’re looking for, saving you time and effort. – MF

Feel good family rock

When I watch this home video of a Filipino family jamming a rock song together, it makes me feel that humanity is okay and everything will turn out fine. The family band calls themselves Missioned Souls and play rock covers like Hysteria by Muse. There is hope. Humans are great. – KK

Thickest Sharpie

When I needed to label some cardboard boxes and my regular Sharpie ran out of ink, I discovered a Magnum Sharpie in my daughter’s art supplies. This oversized marker features a 5/8″ wide chisel tip, perfect for writing large, bold letters. Plus, its larger barrel holds twice as much ink as a standard Sharpie. – MF


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