Colorful alternative to sudoku

Colorku is sudoku as a game board with colored wooden spheres. Each color represents a different number in a sudoku game.

It’s a great way to be able to play sudoku as a family. The colors are more visually appealing than plain numbers and give the game a different feel.

When contemplating possibilities for a given row or square, you can hold the missing colors in your hand and mentally try them out.

For advanced sudoku it helps to write possibilities in the squares to help analyze patterns. That is just not possible with this setup. I

t’s great for kids to learn pattern matching and deductive logic. They can contribute without having to solve the entire puzzle themselves. As a math game, it also gives people a chance to explain their reasoning and get feedback.

My main complaint is that the balls in the plastic holder sit too deeply making it difficult to grab the ball. That is not a problem with the wooden board, which is shallower. Pets can also find the balls irresistible to chew on or bat around. We’ve had our set for at least 10 years now and still pull it out every month or so.

-- Monty Zukowski 10/13/21