Consumer Search


Meta review site

Consumer Search isn’t a review site per se but rather a metareview site, similar to They spend the time running around the net, digging up reviews of items, rate those reviews on objectivity and completeness, then correlate them all.

It’s not as up-to-date as I’d like it, nor does it cover every item that I’d like to buy. Nevertheless, it’s always worth a quick driveby when considering any item over $100.

— Joshua Keroes

Many Cool Tool readers alerted me to this fantastic supermarket of comparative reviews; I somehow missed this essential site in my previous roundup. They do all the hard work I wish I had time to do for Cool Tools. For each kind of consumer product (say bread machines, or roller skates) Consumer Search aggregates all the reviews that appear elsewhere on the web, and then extracts and unifies the results. Their final report is pretty comprehensive, although quality varies according to topic: The entry on home furnaces is (not surprisingly) thin compared to say, home sound systems. When they are good, they are very good.

— KK

Consumer Search