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Cool Tools 2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Best Visual Books


Best gift books for 2017

We love books and buy lots of them. Here are our favorite gift books from our book review site, Wink

The Superhero Comic Kit ($16) “This is a great gift for any creative kid who likes to draw and make up stories.” – Carla Sinclair

The Little Prince Deluxe Pop-Up Book ($19) “If you enjoyed this classic as a child, you’ll adore this deluxe pop-up version and appreciate the way the imaginative art of paper creation brings the muted tones of this book to magical, poignant life.” – Kaz Weida

You Are Stardust ($16) “A fascinating gem that reminds us all of the ways in which earth’s vibrant textured surface gives our existence shape and meaning.” – Kaz Weida

Art Forms in Nature ($15) “Haeckel’s lifeforms radiate vitality from the page and the peculiar way they are drawn seems to stimulate the same part of the brain that’s affected by psychedelic drugs.” — Mark Frauenfelder

Things Organized Neatly: The Art of Arranging the Everyday ($17) “Seemingly meaningless collections gain intelligence and order which focuses attention on the parts. The book ranges wide and far in the type of things that are inspected. You will soon knoll your own.” – Kevin Kelly

Outside the Box ($14) “Loaded with sketches and finished work from the portfolios of the best hand letterers working today. It inspired me to pull out my sketchbook and do some hand-lettering like I used to do in the late ‘80s when Boing Boing was a print zine. – Mark Frauenfelder

Zakka Embroidery ($14) “A collection of beautiful embroidery motifs (shot clearly and up close so that you can practically feel the stitches on the muslin) with corresponding projects. All the motifs are garden/nature inspired and only use one or two colors of thread.” – Marykate Smith Despres

Tools: How They Work and How to Use Them ($18) “By the end, you’ll have been introduced to dozens of tools, materials, and techniques and have gained a solid grounding in how to use them in the real world. – Gareth Branwyn”

The Longest Day of the Future ($25) “I read this twice, savoring every beautiful panel, filled with insanely weird and wonderful robots, buildings, vehicles, and creatures.” – Mark Frauenfelder

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