Cool Tools is seeking a freelance editor/writer to write and curate tips


Help us develop a regular stream of cool toolish tips

One of the most useful categories of Cool Tools is the tip. A tip is a handy method, or a useful technique for using tools, or a practical way to use things not ordinarily thought of as tools. We have not published as many tips per year as we once did, but we’d like to change that. There are a number of fully operational sites, such as Lifehacker, that publish tip-like information on a regular basis. Cool Tool Tips are different in several ways.

  1. They are always brief and succinct, no more than a paragraph. You should be able to transmit the tip to a friend during a conversation.
  2. They are generally about ways to improve creating rather than enhancing consuming.
  3. They often entail a tool.
  4. They are specific and can be illustrated with an image.
  5. Ideally they are ingenious, clever, non-obvious, or just cool.

To this end Cool Tools is seeking a part time editor/writer to help us develop a regular stream of cool toolish tips. It’s a freelance contracted position, and can be done remotely, but will entail a regular number of hours per week. Required skills are a good nose for what is useful, writing succinctly, soliciting tips from others, extracting tips from longer essays, and finding tips elsewhere on the web. A visual sensibility is also a must.

If you are a candidate for this role, use this form to submit a demonstration of your grasp of the task. Use it to send us links to 4 tips you found elsewhere, and 1 tip you wrote yourself. We’ll sort candidates by the degree of their clarity, usefulness, originality, and ease of working.