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Cool Tools Library Update and Contest

Building a better library

We’ve had such a fantastic response to the Cool Tools Library request I mentioned on Friday that we’re going to turn it into a contest (previous submissions will be grandfathered in). Feel free to submit recommended books until Monday, February 13th. The authors of the two best reviews can pick a prize from the Cool Tools Prize Pool (which has been updated with some really great prizes!)

Once more for good measure:

What’s the essential book for carpenters? Metalsmiths? Landscape designers? Tailors or seamstresses? What about information design? Or sous vide? Tanning or taxidermy? Home brewing? Car repair? Bicycle frame building? The list goes on and on.

Every trade and hobby has their own bible, and we want to identify and collect them all in one place so that others may benefit.

Submit your recommendation (or request) here, post it in the comments below, or feel free to email it to

— Oliver Hulland


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