I present these cool items with no recommendations. I haven’t used these nor have I found anyone to review them. ...

I present these cool items with no recommendations. I haven’t used these nor have I found anyone to review them. A couple were suggested by their inventors. They each appear to have potential so I am soliciting comments from anyone who might have experience with them. Please write if (when) you wind up trying these. You could mention Cool Tools to see if that gains you special access. Again, I offer these out of curiosity but without any endorsement. Buyer beware.


Ceramic Low-Temperature Radiant Heater

The idea here is that the low temperatures of this “solid-state” electrical heater produces less vaporized dust, less danger, and less drastic heat. They also claim that because there is no visible light generated and the lower temperatures, the heater is 25% more efficient than hotwire electrical elements. Also comes in baseboard and ceiling models. Runs on household voltage. In theory it could work as claimed.

Available from Radiant Electric Heat


Water Ball

It’s a transparent plastic ball you inflate with a leaf blower or vacuum, then quickly unzip a zipper, slip inside and re-inflate. You can then roll on water. I imagine it could be fun. Or dangerous. Or both. Sumo waterball? Burning Man?

Available from Biz it


Fuel Cell Generator

This generator provides 1,000 watts of 120 volts AC with no noise and no emissions, so that it can be used indoors. It uses Ballard’s fuel cell technology for this silence and cleanliness. You need either tanks of industrial hydrogen or commercial metal hydride canisters to power it. Might be useful for mission critical power in clean rooms, medical operations, or in places where quiet is also essential.

Available from


Fluid Goggles

These underwater goggles are allowed to flood with water instead of air, which relieves divers of the discomfort caused by ordinary air-filled masks in deep dives. Being fluid, they equalize with the surrounding water pressure. They are engineered with corrective lenses to optically compensate for lack of air on your eyeball. In effect they give you seal eyes. Fuild goggles were perfected by freedivers, who rapidly descend hundreds of feet. They may be of use to ordinary scuba folk. Skin divers?

Available from Fluid Goggles


ESP Personal Air Purifier

If I worked in a windowless cubicle I would give this thing a try. I can vouch that an amazingly powerful wind of electrons and ionized air is generated by this device with no moving parts, purely by electrostatic pressure. It smells like the breeze right before it rains — ionized air. Particulates from the air accumulate on the inside of the oval which you can wipe off. Might be good for you. Let me know if it is.

Available from Brookstone


Flowlab Board

A skate board designed to swoop. Curved multiple rollers seem logical to me. Needs street testing by someone other than myself.

Available from Flowlab


Game Ready Treatment

An advance injury treatment device. It circulates cold water into a cyclically compressing bandage surrounding an athletic injury, so accelerates healing. Gets you back in the game twice as fast as ice bags. That’s the claim. Has a decent website.

Available from Game Ready