Corrugated Cardboard Cutter


A saw for cardboard

I bought this for my daughter as part of a cardboard builder’s kit I was assembling for Christmas (inspired by Mr. McGroovy’s rivets reviewed on this blog). She’s young enough that I didn’t want to just give her a boxcutter, but I wanted her to have as much creative leeway as she could to come up with her own creations. As soon as I tried this cutter out, I was super impressed. It goes through double-wall (e.g. refrigerator box) cardboard like butter. But if you grab it by the wrong end, stick it your pocket, etc. you won’t slice your hand.

Because it uses a sawing motion to cut, there is much less of a feeling like a runaway blade could slice her leg (why yes, that is custom stitching on my pants, how observant). That said, just because the sharpness is a different format (micro-serrations as opposed to a single sharp edge), you could still saw your hand open real good, so we had a good discussion on how to use it safely.

I find myself borrowing it all the time because it makes breaking down boxes to fit in the recycling bin a breeze, honestly better than my favorite utility knife with a brand new blade in it.

-- Taylor Bryant 05/16/17

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