Country Wisdom & Know-How

Catalog for independent living

Intended for the new wave of back-to-the-landers and DIY city-dwellers, Country Wisdom is thick with possibilities for anyone looking to live, do and think more independently. Sure the content and format resembles the Whole Earth Catalog, but if anyone can — and should — carry that torch, it’s the folks at Storey Books. Like the previously-reviewed Storey’s Guide To Raising Chickens, the copy is clear and concise, accompanied by simple line drawings that are fun to ogle, even if you have no intention of mulling wine, weaving baskets, building a smokehouse, raising ducks or rabbits, composting, candle making, creating a bat house, constructing an underground root cellar or butchering livestock. I didn’t grow up on a commune, but I recall a tattered copy of the WEC lurking around the house. It was only years later I realized what it was. Here’s to another life-altering book for the next generation of kids to discover.

-- Steven Leckart 05/8/09


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