Search multiple Craigslist cities/categories

Crazedlist is a simple, free site that lets you search — and get RSS feeds for — multiple cities, regions and categories on Craigslist. I’ve been using it the last three years to find used sports gear, tools, etc. Recently, when I read about the previously-reviewed Bike Friday, I checked on Craigslist to see if there were any in San Diego. Nothing. Then I went to Crazedlist, where I was able to search the entire West Coast in about the same length of time and came up with at least half a dozen used Fridays for sale. (I still don’t have the money, but Crazedlist can’t fix that problem).

One of my best finds was an inflatable kayak that I purchased and had shipped from Washington a couple years ago. Craigslist is much more of an imperfect market than eBay, but good if you think you are smarter than the other guy. Like any search tool, Crazedlist’s effectiveness all depends on the effort you put into it on the front end. It could probably be very useful searching for a specific job description for someone willing to relocate. I also suppose you could use it to search the personals for a particular quirk or trait, but I haven’t tried that; my wife would probably take a dim view of this.

-- Peter Valleau 04/20/09