Creative Instigator, Mark Krawczuk

Mark Krawczuk -- Cool Tools Show # 25

Mark Krawczuk is a self-professed Creative Instigator with many interesting and exciting projects in various stages of development, like the Lost Horizon Night Market and Mason Project. Be sure to check out some of Mark’s posts here on the Cool Tools website, like this one, which was referenced in today’s episode of the Cool Tools Show.

Links to some of Mark’s projects:

Everyhere Logistics

Lost Horizon Night Market

Mason Project

Show Notes:

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 Slack $0-$99/mo & Threadable $3/mo

“Whenever you’re trying to organize a big group of people, there’s always conversations happening. But just using an email list there winds up being a lot of chatter, and so I found the combination of Slack and Threadable really, really great.”


inRoute $4

“The thing that I really liked about inRoute, is that it gives you a number of different options to tell you things like elevation, and curviness, and it also gives you the temperature, and the windiness across your entire route…So if you are doing any road trips, it’s really nice to get that extra level of information.”

Minimal Folio $3

“Minimal Folio is a portfolio app. It lets you put a bunch of images together, but not necessarily navigate it in a linear way. It’s set up in terms of columns, so you can drag images into different columns, and then you can navigate either down a column or across columns. If I want to quickly jump from one element to another, I don’t have to go through all of my visuals. I just slide across the different columns.”


“I bought a pair of shoes, and they were great, but the heels wore out a lot sooner than I expected them to. I wasn’t 100% satisfied, so I walked into REI, showed them the shoes, and told them my story. They were like, ‘Well if you’re not 100% satisfied, we should do something about that. Do you want your money back or do you want a new pair of shoes?’


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