CrunchIt Butane Canister Recycling Tool


Punctures butane fuel canisters for recycling ($6)

Any backpacker who uses LPG stoves is familiar with the dilemma of safely disposing of used canisters. Even where recycling programs exist, canisters usually have to be completely empty and punctured to be accepted.

Enter Jetboil’s ingenious CrunchIt recycling tool ($6). First you screw the CrunchIt onto the canister, which opens the valve and vents the remaining drops of fuel. Then you press down on the lever, which punctures the canister with a steel tooth. As you unscrew the tool, you can place a couple more holes for good measure. The CrunchIt is completely made of steel so it’s unlikely to ever break (I’ve used mine for years), and comes with a plastic guard so you don’t accidentally damage anything with the tooth. Some people will argue you can achieve the same thing with a nail and hammer, but I can’t imagine why you’d risk a stubbed thumb or a gashed finger to save a measly $6.

Buy this once and you can safely recycle canisters forever. FYI the CrunchIt will work with any EN417-compliant canisters sold in North America (MSR, Jetboil, Primus, etc). It’s not designed to work with the blue ‘Campingaz’ canisters found in Europe or the green Coleman propane tanks.

-- Nabhan Islam 03/27/18

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