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Crutch accessory

I have been using these crutch pockets for a couple of weeks and they have made my life much easier by giving me the ability to carry things with me while on crutches. I recently underwent surgery for an Achilles tendon injury. I am having to be on crutches longer than expected and am frustrated by not having the use of my hands to carry things (as are most crutch-dependent people). I considered getting a wheelie cart, but for the 2-4 weeks of partial weight bearing I anticipated, it didn’t seem worth it. When I realized it was going to be a bit longer I started searching for tools to make my life simpler. I got a crutch pocket for each crutch, and they have since afforded me a lot more independence in my daily life, like fetching a snack from the kitchen or changing out the ice in my ice pack.

There are other crutch pockets out there, but I found the Crutch Buddies’ pocket to be creative, colorful, very well made, and suiting my needs best. I like them because they are more casual than some of the others I have seen, though maybe more limited in some ways. The multiple color options was key because I spend a lot of time with my 5 year old niece and it’s important to me that she not be too put off by my crutches. I like that the design has two pockets, and that the larger pocket can hold a standard water bottle. I would also note that when I’ve had a pound or two on one side or the other, it doesn’t radically alter my balance or ease with the crutches. The stitching is excellent, and the finishing of the seams and Velcro attachments are well done. The material is standard fleece which means it’s machine washable. Another benefit is that they don’t look so utilitarian that they can’t be used for something other their intended purpose. I can definitely see repurposing these pockets beyond the crutches.

Of course, as with all outer pockets, if you use your crutches too creatively, like reaching up to close an open cupboard, the items in the pocket will likely fall out. But I’ve had no difficulties in having things fall out while crutching along and trust the outer, velcro-closed pocket to hold my credit cards and bills while moving around in the real world.

-- Barb Roseman 05/11/10