Cuisinart Egg Cooker


Foolproof egg cooking

I can’t cook. I also can’t dunk in the NBA – different reasons, but both truths are immutable. I do, however, like to eat. Eggs are a particular favorite; unfortunately my culinary ineptitude makes me the proverbial guy who can’t boil an egg without screwing it up. Enter Cuisinart with this small egg-shaped appliance. I decide how many eggs I want and how I want them cooked. The chart tells me how much water to put in the bottom (with a neat measuring beaker to get it right – the beaker also has a pin to pierce each egg). Close the device, press the button, and perfect eggs are done in several minutes when the timer goes off. It’s a single use device that would drive Alton Brown nuts, but screw Alton – he can cook, I can’t. This egg cooker means I don’t have to eat out every morning.

-- Dave Eastman 07/28/15