Curad Extreme Lengths

Extra-Long Finger Bandages

I have a real talent for cutting my fingers. While cleaning the grille of an air conditioning duct last week I somehow managed to injure myself in three separate places.

Normally, this would have meant replacing a slew of conventional finger bandages (“Band-Aids”) until my boo-boos healed. But I noticed this new product on my pharmacy shelf and decided to give it a try. It was a great improvement.

A typical finger bandage has a 1-inch gauze pad with a 3/4-inch adhesive strip at each end. This gizmo has a normal 3/4-inch adhesive on one side, plus a 2-3/4-inch length on the other-enough to wrap all the way around your finger two complete times, plus a little more. They stay on until you decide to take them off.

-- Tom Ferguson, M.D. 01/19/05

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