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Currie Ezip Trailz Electric Bike


Cheapest electric bike

This is the electric bike I recommend for anyone on a tight budget. The Ezip Trailz is a bargain in terms of how much it can affect your life on little dollars. It is by far the best selling electric bike in the United States, for good reason: For less than $500 it is a decent electric bike with reasonable performance.  At this price point if you just ride the bike regularly it will pay for itself quickly.

It uses a sealed-lead-acid battery (SLA), which is heavy and has a short life expectancy, but… is extremely inexpensive compared to lithium (and more fire safe).  The Trailz weighs in at a hefty 72 pounds because of this SLA  battery.  It comes with step-through model, which I favor because it is much easier to get on and off the bike, which is a big factor on a 70-pound bike.

The Trailz is perfect for anyone who either wants, or needs, a way to get to work without a car or public transport, or for anyone who can’t drive a car for some reason (for instance it makes great transportation for anyone who has lost their license due to a DUI or traffic tickets).

The Currie Trailz is a simple electric bike that rarely fails and is easy to work on. Any bicycle shop should be able to fix 80% of the problems you will encounter. Probably the biggest electrical issue you will ever face is the battery gradually dying if you don’t care for it properly. However its easy enough to buy a new battery from Currie and switch it out — or better yet upgrade to the Currie lithium battery.

The lithium battery will offer slightly more range than the lead acid version, it will be better for climbing hills, and it will lower the weight of the bike by nearly 20 pounds. The lithium battery is pricey, in fact it’s as almost as much as the price of this bike ($359 shipped). It is possible to install 2 of these batteries on the rear rack if you want to double your range.

The Currie Trailz is not the fastest, lightest, or sexiest electric bike on the market, but it is the cheapest, and is therefore a great entry electric bike for those who need a little electrical push to get back on the saddle and out riding.

-- Eric Hicks 08/6/14