Autonomous Motion

Cycling Eyeglass Mirror


See what's behind you

Cycling helmet/eyeglasses mirrors are hardly a new invention, but this model (made in the US) works very well. The mirror is optically correct and it is easy to position on the arm of a pair of glasses/sunglasses, or on a visor.

It is really helpful in answering: What’s behind me right now? This model folds flat, and what sounds like very good warranty/replacement handling by the manufacturer. If damaged they’ll replace it for a fraction of what it cost. (I haven’t used the service, but based on the number of folks I see wearing them out here in the East Bay, they seem reputable and popular.)

It is big, but light, it can be moved with your glasses and won’t bounce around like those mounted on a bike might. It also doesn’t require adhesive so you can get one and use it on whatever helmet/glasses combo you’d like.

-- Dustin Grzesik 12/29/14