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At Costco I found a 15 MILLION candlepower rechargeable flashlight for $29.99. It pretty much stopped me in my tracks. After charging all day, it’s incredibly bright. The only analogy that I can think of is the spotlight on a police helicopter.

It’s a model CYC-S1500, made by Cyclops Solutions of Bedford, Texas. It uses a standard automotive H4 130W halogen bulb and what appears to be a motorcycle battery. It has a high and low-power setting and it comes with both AC/DC charger and 12 volt cigarette lighter adapter. Manufacturer’s claimed burn time on high power is 40 minutes.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined a light like this would ever be available for thirty bucks. My friends and I are already talking about upgrading ours with super-duper PIAA H4 bulbs and Optima batteries, to hopefully create a real monster…

-- Curt Nelson 11/23/05

(Since this review appeared in 2005, the 15-million spotlight has more than *doubled* in price. Amazon sells a more powerful 18-mil version for the same price, but reviews are mixed. If you have any experience with the 18-mil light or know of a reasonably-priced 15-Mil, please let us know. SL — editors)