Short digital installments of long books

DailyLit sends you bite-sized chunks of public domain books (including many classics) daily, on weekdays, or three times a week via email or RSS — for free. Each serving takes less than five minutes to read, and if you want, they’ll send you the next installment right away if you click a link. So far, I’ve read “Bartleby, the Scrivner” — 18 segments over the course of 3 weeks or so — and I just signed up for Crime and Punishment – more than 240 segments! Yes, it may take 9 months to read, but I’m certainly more likely to finish it this way. I read them in my email reader (Thunderbird) and don’t print them out. The whole idea is to read short segments for a few minutes in your spare time. I’d imagine it would work well on a PDA or Blackberry if you have one (I don’t); if you have a long cab ride or something you can get the next segment immediately.

-- Jonathan Fromme 08/1/07

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