David Pogue of Yahoo Tech

David Pogue - Cool Tools Show #1

In this inaugural episode of The Cool Tools show, we pick the brain of guest David Pogue, founder of Yahoo Tech, for some lesser-known tips, tools, and life hacks. We move from discussing productivity apps, to office products, to kitchen appliances.

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Here are David’s picks, with quotes from the show:

BusyCal for Mac: $50
“One of my favorite things about BusyCal is that on any other month-view calendar today’s date is where it would fall if it were on a wall calendar, which might be on the bottom row, but by definition you’re looking at a calendar to plan ahead. BusyCal has the option of having today’s date be at the top of the calendar even if it’s the last week of the month. It’s a perpetually scrolling month view and it makes so much sense, so you’re always looking ahead.”

: Free or $5-$10/month Subscription (Click here to get one month of Evernote Premium for free.

Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Canceling Headphones
: $279
“They’re so comfortable, they cut the noise a lot and you listen to your music in great style and great sound. However, I also keep a spare because they have to be charged and sometimes they’re dead.”

Nomad Charge Key and Charge Card
: $29
“It’s a tiny rubberized two inch strip and can go on your keychain. One end slides into your USB jack. The other end slides into your iPhone.”

for Mac: Free
“A really great macro program. I don’t use the dock ever. I open everything with keystrokes: ‘control w’ for Microsoft word, ‘control b’ for BusyCal, ‘control e’ for Evernote etcetera, and then I’ve set up the escape key (top left right across from the backspace key) to be the left handed delete key, and it is life-changing.[I’ve bolded this because it is a great tip! – Mark]

Adobe Voice for iPad: Free
“It hearkens back to the old days of  Mac Paint or HyperCard, or simple tools with infinite possibilities.”

Anchor TrueSeal Food Storage
: $23
“My fridge looks like a commercial, it’s so organized and beautiful.”

: $14
“It’s a cutting board that folds in thirds so once you’re done cutting the thing you fold up the wings and make a chute so the food slides into your bowl without falling off.”

Snuglet: $12-$19
“This tiny little liner for the MagSafe jack, which through some miracle of physics, amplifies the magnetic grip of the power plug so that it does not fall out unless you really kick it or trip on it.”

-- Mark Frauenfelder 05/27/14

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