Days Since Incident/We Are As Gods/Nostalgia

Recomendo: issue no. 326

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Days since the last global incident
Days Since Incident is a constantly updated list of earthquakes, typhoons, tsunamis, asteroid impacts, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, etc. According to the site, 235 days have passed since the last 5 kiloton asteroid impact, 2,540 days since the last 100m megatsunami, and 75,780 days since the last mega-colossal volcanic eruption (which occurred in Indonesia on April 9, 1815). — MF

We are as gods
I have some shaky video and a passing cameo in this documentary about my friend Stewart Brand.  The premise of this visual biography is that Brand’s life gave a shape to modern ideas of California. That is an exaggeration but not by much. His ideas and life certainly inspired and lead me to where I am. The title of the film, We Are As Gods, is his prologue in his famous Whole Earth Catalog, which is also his theology. There is so much to cover this doc should have been a series, but you’ll learn a lot in its 93 minutes, now streaming on Amazon Prime. — KK

A case for Nostalgia
In this YouTube video titled “Mindfulness isn’t the only powerful mental state,” Dr. Clay Routledge makes a case for Nostalgia as a valuable psychological resource that can mobilize and motivate you to find new meaning in life. My favorite way to experience Nostalgia is to, once a month, set aside a night to be alone with my old diaries, birthday cards, letters, pictures and other mementos while listening to music from that time period. Revisiting happy memories of the past strengthens self-continuity, connection and belongingness in the world. — CD

Bird migration map
I can drill down to my neighborhood level to see which of 450 bird species fly through our yard on their annual migrations. This online interactive Bird Migration Explorer by the Audubon Society, works primarily for North America. Be ready to be amazed by what you don’t ordinarily notice, but could see. — KK

Ant bait
I used to dip cotton balls in a mixture of borax, sugar, and water to stop ant invasions in my house. Although this method works, it’s messy, and the cotton balls dry out quickly. I was given some Terro Liquid Ant Baits by a friend. These little plastic pods contain pre-mixed sugar, water, and borax, just like my recipe, but they are much more convenient. I purchased a subscription on Amazon. — MF

Summarize YouTube videos
If you submit a YouTube URL to it’ll spit out an AI generated summary of that video. It’s not perfect, but useful in any case. Here is a summary of the interview on Nostalgia. — CD

— Kevin KellyMark FrauenfelderClaudia Dawson


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